Thursday, January 06, 2005


I had just arrived home after my drum session with my classmate. Phew! Everytime I finished drumming the given lesson, the next lesson gots harder and harder. Sometimes, I lose my patience but I tried to calm myself...

Anyways, while I searching for Jrock midis I found a site that is full of awesome Jrock pictures.

Before they were stars.....

Doesn't he look kawaii during his teen moments? *sigh*

Guess who? It's Hisashi! Just take a look at his teeth! Hehehe.

Hisashi's baby pic! So cute! I wanna pinch hi cheeks!

Waaah! It's Jiro! So young....

Shinya's image when he was in his highschool days...

Shinya with his Mother. Look how tall he is!

Kozi... "Mask Rider kick! Mask Rider punch!" Lol!

Credits to : Moonglow for the pictures

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