Thursday, November 10, 2005


ahhhhh! i feel anxious and uneasy! bwisit! kinakabahan ako! who wouldn't be if you're one of the players in a girl's basketball team who would be competing for tommorrow's TAPRISA! ahhhh! and our team didn't even had a serious and decent practice! bakitnamankasisinalipaako! it wasn't in my plans to join and compete with 11 schools! imagine that! atfeelingkomagkakalatlangakongtae! waaahh! T_T yoko na!

anyways, shuper adik na naman ako sa yaoi, especially KaoruxDie pairing! at school i told a yaoi story to my DeG adik classmate--Monina and she went rigid for a sudden after i was finished. *lol* and i have to save her a yaoi fanfic in her floppy disk. hai.. it's my fault she got obssessed.. *sighs*

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