Thursday, June 23, 2005

UP form

i'm really pissed off! i can't believe the registrar in my school! how can i submit my UP form 1 with my classmates (which is our plan and also my way to escape school) tomorrow if my form isn't completely filled up yet? hours ago, me and my friends went to the registrar's office to check if our form was already filled up (which was really in a slow pace, taking one week or two weeks to be finished, which i'm really wondering about..), which wasn't. my ears and cheeks felt hot when she told us that it might take 1/2 weeks to be finished. so i confronted her but all went vain because she's adamant.

after i accompanied them to the Principal's office for their photos to be signed, we went back to the registrar's office to have a peek of my form. after persuasion, she gave in only to find out that my final grades in my first year was blank...

Registrar: yung form mo hindi pa tapos kasi wala pang final grades sa first year
*shows my form 137*
Me: bakit po wala?
R: hindi ko alam. wala talaga eh. punta ka na lang sa principal tapos magpapapirma ka

we went back to the principal for my form to be signed.

so if i my friend didn't nagged me to check my form again then i wouldn't know that my final grades for first year is blank! which really makes me think... how would i be enrolled in their school if my mom didn't gave them my form 137?


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