Friday, July 15, 2005

Hurt and Angry

Badtrip! i just can't believe what our former teacher did to me and to my friend. everytime i recall what happened hours ago, my blood boils with rage and fury!

me and some of my classmates were the only ones who were left in the room. it was supposedly our TLE time but today is Friday in which our subject TLE is vacant, so only we, are in the room--without any teacher. of course it's natural for us, students, to talk and laugh; but silence got the best of us when our former teacher entered the room. she told all of us that someone screamed from our room. and because me and my friend Rachel were doing back-stretching and we're the closest from the door, she already concluded and accused both of us for screaming out loud. we explained that we're not the ones who screamed. but she was very adamant and still accused us (and i'm really hurt about it) then she told us to go to the Principal's office to explain everthing. and off we went and explained everything with my other classmate who confessed to us that she's the one who actually screamed.

after that, all was cleared but still both of us were still hurt and angry about everything she blamed on us. then, we all went back to the gym for our PEHM. afterwards, we both went with our classmate back to her office to talk with her. at her office my classmate confessed that she's one who did it, and that we're not. then, she told both of us that we're cleared (which wasn't what i'm expecting for--i want her to apologize to us). then, she called up some of my classmates who told her that no one screamed. but only my friend was the one who got all the blows from her sermon.

teacher: anong yung sinabi mo kanina yung nagtanong ako kung sino yung sumigaw?
my friend: na walang sumigaw po.
t: so, talagang pinaninindigan mo na walang sumigaw.
c: opo.
t: eh bakit mo sinabi yon, eh meron naman talagang sumigaw?
c: hindi ko po kasi alam eh. pero alam ko po na sumigaw si ...
t: eh may sumigaw naman pala. bakit mo sinasabi na wala? si ... umamin na siya yung sumigaw. bakit mo sinabi na wala? kung di mo alam, tumahimik ka na lang kasi madadamay ka pa...

and so, the long tirade goes... speaking ill about the former Narra students. and after her long denunciation, she told us former Molave students, to be aware of the school rules. sh*t! how mean of her to discriminate the former Narra students in front of us. can't she be more concerned for her former advisory class?

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