Monday, August 08, 2005

crossed fingers...

...our periodical test is edging nearer and i'm kinda feeling nervous and excited at the same time. also the deadline for the Physics test is impending... *shucks* i'm feeling dizzy again.

Schedule for examination:

August 12

Physics <-already studied

August 13

Computer <-we still don't have our computer lessons w/c makes me wonder why...

anyways, UPCAT was a blast + a pain in the butt and neck. i took the afternoon test at Bocobo Hall (Law Building). actually me, my mom, kuya sammy and two other classmates of my friend arrived there really early. so while i'm waiting for my time, i killed time by eating my lunch and reading Morning, Noon and Night by Sidney Sheldon (w/c i borrowed from our HS library). when my time came, i was escorted by mother to the building. the line was really long and every now and then i took a glance at my watch. then, at last we proceeded to our room, which was really cavernous and from my estimation 100 students took the exam including me.


*Language Proficiency - 50 mins.
*Science - 50 mins.
Math - 1 hr & 15 mins.
*Reading Comprehension - 1 hr & 5 mins.

*are kinda easy kinda hard; math was really mind-boggling but at least i made it to the time. i think it was 6:00 pm when we were all permitted to go out. so i hadn't managed to meet with Rozyn... T_T i hope i passed!

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