Friday, August 19, 2005


yesss! NO more long periods of reviewing! NO more projects (just for now)! i feel exhilirated! but still there are more impending "blessings" to come for me and my classmates. *sighs* anyways, i just came home from Rachelle's house. me and my classmates watched "The Wishing Stairs". it was fun to watch because we're all screaming our lungs out. *lol*

...and i still have to do my film review for Filipino subject. and i've chosen "MoonChild"!

arrggh! i'm frustrated with my school! who in their right mind would choose 'elementarish' spots for fieldtrip! hello! we're already in our senior years! limited are the days and months for us to bond with each other... *sighs* how tactless of them!

Itineraries and Requirements are as follows:

Itineraries: Barasoain Church (Bulacan) i've already visited that place..
Wow Hilaga the Best of 4 Region (San Fernando, Pampanga) how elementarish..
Clark Airbase (Mabalakat Pampanga) already went there
Mekene Factory (Bacoor, Pampanga) how nice... NOT!

Date: September 23, 2005 Fee: P500.00 such money to waste.. Departure: 5:30 A.M. yah, right!

Participation is voluntary, however, students will be required to submit reaction papers, term papers, present drama, make projects, make projects out of what they have seen or experienced during the tour. a very bright plan for us students to suffer in hell.. hands are itching for Withering to Death album. *sighs*

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