Saturday, September 24, 2005

fieldtrip = boredom

our fieldtrip wasn't that fun actually.. It's kinda boring and kinda pain in the ass. If it's not because my friends' presence, I'd be dead with boredom..all we did was to look at old paintings, relics, pictures, artworks and commemorative statues of famous Filipino artists, heroes, etc..also we took pictures (me and my friends). probably, i'll post some of the pictures if i have the time...

on our way home, my classmates went wild.. most of them threw plastic bottles, chips, cans of softdrinks and even face powder. well, the person that i am, would not (ever) join in or even participate with their so-called "fun". i received a tetra-pack of juice drink and a plastic bottle flying towards me. and thankgoodness! i was not hit on the head or on any parts of my body. they landed on the corner of my seat. my friend received almost all the junk flying, and she even received a blow on her head. it was done by my very considerate classmate, who didn't even apologized to her. the nerve of her! my friend burst into tears and i couldn't do anything but pat her on the shoulders.

i hope that i can finish downloading Clever Sleazoid single.. i hate dial-up connection!

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