Friday, September 16, 2005


T_T my voice is hoarse and i can't speak audibly + i have a cold and cough. *sighs*

anyways, i'm glad because it's already friday! i can now take a goodnight's sleep and a much more time for rest.

ei, it's Rachelle's birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Yuki-chan! And also tomorrow, Rei together with Cel and moi will celebrate her birthday at the mall! Woo hoo! can't wait! i just don't like the prospect of humiliating myself in front of people while ice skating. i hate to admit it but i'm such an ass when it comes to skating--whether it's on the street or on ice. @_@

anyways, at school, my classmate asked me if he could listen to my Dir en Grey's album (Six Ugly). well, i did lend him my cd and i'm having a vision that he'll hate it because he likes Western and OPM songs (like most of my classmates). But vain is my prediction for it turned out to be the opposite--he likes it! a lot! especially the song Hades. he was being astounded with Shinya's skills with the drums. + he also loved the song I'll from my Gauze cd after listening to it. and what's more shocking was that he's even competing with me and my friends for the discman. and i was reminiscing the days when he was mocking Deg and also my obsession over a band which "i can't even understand the language" he said. i don't know if i'll love or laugh at the irony of it. also my classmate (who listens to western rock bands and who obviously dislikes Jrock) fell in love with Byou [] Shin. he even asked me if he can borrow it on Monday. *lol*

*wishes for my voice to be normal again*

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