Friday, January 13, 2006

Purga na sa Cheering...

i'm relieved that our group finished the 'Romeo and Juliet' play. i was really nervous and jumpy for couple of hours before the actual play. who wouldn't be? if you're the one who will play the lead role as Romeo like me! but the play didn't turned out to be a disaster. i didn't know that it was also fun 'playing roles'... but it was really hard to evoke manly feelings... anyways, the audience liked it and i'm really happy about it.

*switching to pissed-off mode*


i hate people insisting you to do a thing you hate to do or simply pisses you off. and that's what i'm feeling right now...

even from the beginning, i really HATE cheering. as in uber. it's exhausting and stressful + it's completely pointless (for me). why would you do something that would deprive of your energy.

okay. maybe i'm becoming too offensive or OA, but i really hate it! it's not only the reason i don't want to join the stupid cheering competition (with other schools) but also, the 3rd grading periodical exam is edging ever nearer + the Physics project + the uber short skirt that we are forced to wear. i super hate wearing short skirts or shorts that shows off flesh or skin.

i don't know what i'll do... they want me to join the group to show my cooperativeness to my classmates and as what they always say to prevent me from defecting: "mahirap mag-adjust at isa pa mahirap kapag mababawasan ng isa."

not that i want to cooperate with them, it's just that... WHY SHOULD I DO SOMETHING WHICH I HATE? it's completely pointless right? i'm not a puppet--i hate being manipulated and forced.

*switching back to happy mode*

i already got my Hide's Alivest cd! Thanks Chinny!

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