Saturday, January 28, 2006


yesterday was fun! our arrival time to school was moved to 1:00 pm so i was so happy! so the hours before 1:00 pm was spent by biking and jogging at Manila East (near Mcdo).

actually we don't have our own bike (because the tires of Sheen's bike was flat) so we hired a tribike from a man for thirty pesos (1 hour). i'm not really good at riding a tribike, and i've had a bad experience from it. Sol, i ended up buming to a car. and the funny part was that, the driver was inside so we (me, Sheen and Gelou) apologized. great thanks to Gelou; if she didn't pushed us away, we might end up paying for the damages... *lol* but it really was funny...

but after that, i had managed to maneuver it well... but i have to bike it really slowly.

we (me, Talen, Sheen, Aubrey, Gelou) took turns in biking while Cel contended herself attaching to the bike while rollerblading...

after biking, jogging, and rollerblading, we returned the tribike, ate breakfast at Mcdo and went back to Sheen's house to get our things.

then, we went straight to Cel's house, and in there, we all took a bath together. we all went wild, messy and noisy inside the bathroom. ang saya talaga!

then Monina arrrived while we are all getting dressed. then, we had lunch and readied ourselves to go to school.

we arrived at school late and we rushed to the AVR for the seminar (True Love Waits).

the seminar was good and i really like the speaker: Mrs Maloi Malibiran Salumbides.

after the seminar, we went to Dior's house to celebrate her 16th birthday! *shucks! ang daming tao! pero masaya naman!*

ngayon, i'm listening to L'Arc's True album... ngayon na lang ako nakikinig ng mga songs nila at buti bumili na ako ng Awake album nila.. at yes! i already got my Kagrra's Hisai! hehehe.. thanks Cel! thanks to Chinny for the cds!

happy birthday Haido! ang tanda mo na!

i'm nervous! sana pasado ako sa USTet!

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