Wednesday, May 03, 2006

it's so hot today...

it's getting hotter and hotter in the Philippines! i always look forward for a long cold bath but after 5 minutes, i'm soaking all over again with sweat. EWWW~ but even if it's hot, i still love Summer!

too bad... the swimming that my friends and i are planning, backfired... *sighs*

anyways, yesterday, me and Sheen planned on visiting Gelou's house. unfortunately, Ge didn't called to tell us her address at home, so we went to SM Megamall. we didn't bring that large amount of money (and she's still pulling my leg to watch Silent Hill movie), so when we felt hungry, we (only) ate halo-halo at Chowking. afterwards, i pulled her to National Bookstore, to browse for pocketbooks then, we went to the arcade. we played airhocky for two times (and for the scores, we're even), ball-shooting, gun-shooting (and i wasted Php 15 for the game!) and of course my favorite..... *drum roll* CAR RACING! we played it for four times! woah!

FIRST GAME - 3rd place
SECOND GAME - 1st place
THIRD GAME - 1st place
FOURTH GAME - 2nd place

after spending almost my pocket money, we decided to go home, only to be blocked by a man (who works as a card reloader at Time Zone). i can't help but smile at Sheen, when he asked for her cellphone no. and name.

when we left, i laughed and teased all the way to the exit. ha3! it was really a good laugh. *sighs*

yes! i can now attend my last drums session! can't wait for tomorrow. my hands are itching for some drum grooves!

T_T My Name is Kim Sam Soon has already reached its last episode last Friday... i'm gonna miss watching it and also ogling over Hyun Bin's gorgeous face. *sighs* he looks so much like Die-sama...

but i'm glad that GOKUSEN is now being aired at GMA 7!

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