Thursday, August 31, 2006

life updates...

wow! i've not updated this journal of mine, for months! that's so long... hehehe. anyways, last Monday, i've just finished reading the book Cel lend me--Wither. actually, she lend me five books, but i haven't read the 5th book (Stainless Longganisa) because Shin borrowed it from me... but it's okay. i'm already occupied in reading my book (Interview with the Vampire). kinda, old isn't? but it's okay. i'm so hooked up reading vampire books!
arrrghh! i so want to see Dir en grey! but i don't have the money + i'm too far... why did it have to be me? Oh, how i wish i can watch their live performance in US!

T_T we'll be migrating to US this september, and i still can't believe it. i mean, after waiting for almost 4 years, my family can now live there. but i'm gonna miss the Philippines. i've got lots of happy and sad moments from this country of mine. i'm gonna miss my friends and classmates. i'm gonna miss our house. i'm gonna miss my relatives. i'm gonna miss celebrating Christmas and New Year with my relatives and friends. i'm gonna miss eating my favorite Filipino food--esp. kakanin. i'm gonna miss everything here in the Philippines. but i'll return. YUP! definitely!

another update: i've got my hair cut. too tired of having a long hair + everyone seems to have the same hairstyle (was it called mullet? short hair at the front, long at the back) like me. sheesh! actually, there are benefits for having a short hair:
>easy to manage
>you won't wanste too much shampoo
>you don't have to use too much hair accessories
>it's cool
>you won't get other people angry at you because you won't be able to whip their face with your hair while riding the jeepney...
etc. etc.

....i still have to upload my Deg audio file and other Jrock artists at Streamload, so i won't lose them. i can't live without them!
song abstinence=death!

anyways, here are some Deg quizzes, i took.. LOL

Dir En Grey Relationships by IHeartKakashiSensei
What is your name...?
Friends forever! Who is it?Kaoru
Just like in a romance novel, your secret lover isKaoru
The brother you never had...Kyo
Somebody has a crush on you!Toshiya
Watch out! This one stalks you...Shinya
Your first kiss was from...Toshiya
He always wants your attention...Shinya
How sweet... He would do anything for you...Toshiya
Ooh! This one wrote a song for you...Die
Uh oh! Who got you pregnant?!Shinya
In the end, you should be with...Kyo

Shinya got me pregnant? Gosh! Wish it's Kaoru.. LOL

Your Dir en grey Life by Aristica
Desired Diru Guy
Desired Career
Date You Meet Your ManJanuary 23, 2045
What Went DownDie proposed dispite his drunken state
And Then?Die insisted you take him to your place
So Is That It?No

Wow! Die's so fast! Ha3!

Which Dir en grey memeber would you take to your family dinner? by Totchi-kun
Your name:
You would bring:Toshiya
Family's first impression:"My, what a cutie!"
What you had for dinner:Stir Fry
How did that go?:My date whimpered, kept mumbling about something about his dog.
Alcohol?Non-Alcoholic drinks.. such as sodie pop!
Dessert time?Ice cream.
Aftermeal activities?My family was strangely aroused by my sexy date.
Last words from you family:-shoves out the door-
Your thought:...

i don't even know how did it go in the end.. ??

What do Dir En Grey think of you? by Mariko
Favourite color
Kyo hatesyour appetite
Die thinks you lookcrazy
Toshiya wannamake out with you
Shinya ignored his dogafter that day he came in when you were dressing
Kaoru said you'resexy

omg! Kaoru finds me sexy!

Which Dir en grey member will you marry? by KyoIsLove
Favorite Color?
Favorite Diru CD
You will marry...Toshiya
Date...September 27, 2021
Will it be a happy marriage?Yes

huh? Toshiya? *shocked*

i've just noticed that, i don't have any bad results with Toshiya... and Kaoru too... hmm... i just wish that i'll get married to Kaoru... not Toshiya...

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