Monday, April 03, 2006


i went to Zyn's house a while ago to deliver my late birthday gift to her... i hope that she'll like it.

i'm getting addicted to My Name is Kim Sam Soon! i just can't get it out of my head. even if i'm busy doing something, i'll lay it aside for awhile only to watch it. thanks to Rei, i already had watched the whole 16 episodes. i really love it because the plot and the contents is superb and poignant even if it's simple, and the actors and actresses are really great! they really have done a great job portraying the characters; the only thing that bothers me is, the outcome of the affair of Sam Soon's older sister with the head chef. i really don't know what happened to them... anyways, it's good! no, it's great!

tomorrow, will be our graduation which will be held at UP Theater. i'm kinda nervous, but i'm glad that i had finished highschool. i wouldn't be suprised if most of my classmates will burst into tears or will perform the "group-hug thing". *sighs*

my dream of getting a mullet haircut had already been fulfilled. Jass told me that my haircut looks like that of Shinya's (actually i used the picture of him taken from The Final).
she took a pic of my hair from the back for two times and even told me to put a thumbs-up, which really struck me as weird @_@... i'll probably post the pics soon if she finished sending it to my email. anyways, Congratulations Jass! Go Valedictorian!

shucks! i still have to write letters for my friends... *sighs*

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