Thursday, April 06, 2006

slumber party

i still feel tired and worn-out since last night after we (me, Sheen, Talen, Wilbee, Paula, Monina, Rei, Yddette, Gelou, Aubrey and Arra) spent the whole night sleeping at Cel's house. we spent the whole night outside their house where her Father contructed a tent for us to sleep at. we chatted, told stories, shared opinions and feelings, and stuffed ourselves with food.

when we all decided to get some sleep, some where inside the tent while we (me, Talen, Aubrey, Monina and Cel<--our bed arrangement) contented ourselves outside with two folding-beds placed side by side as our beds. it wasn't really comfortable because in my place, even if i was wearing jogging pants, i was chilling cold due to the electric fan placed opposite of me; and we are all cramped up that our backs are scratching with each other and it was all because Cel and Monina were budging towards us (because they were scared after they imagined scary things), pushing the three of us to the edge of the bed. Talen felt pity on me because i was being pushed against the bed hamper; she and Aubrey were experiencing uneasiness and backpains too because, the two folding-bends weren't aligned with each other causing one of the bed to bulk.

plus, i haven't managed to sleep because i was being attacked by mosqitoes even if we had the mosquito net to cover us. now, i have red bite marks on my arms and some on my feet (the socks was vain too).
but even if we were all tired and full of mosquito bites, it was fun.
and also, we have officially formed our Daypu Club this day... Sheen, you're so hentai!


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