Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I am so feeling fine ^_^

Yesterday, was a blast! We had our Christmas party and it was fun! We had games and stuff, and of course the most anticipated part--the exchanging of gifts. But before I tell you about what I got as a present, let me tell you first what made me laugh yesterday. It was a game where the participants are being rotated for 10 x and afterwards they have to walk in a straight line. The person who could walk the straightest will gain the prize of 100 pesos. Many participated the game, but none of them made it. Some of them went stumbling, some had managed to walk a bit but went slant ways. *lol* Anyways, it was so funny!Okay, my favorite part--the exchanging of gifts. Of course everyone was called and they started unwrapping their gifts, but when I was called and I opened mine, I was shocked! Shocked because I didn't know that my classmate would really seriously get that thing as my present.... I got a Dir en Grey Macabre Tour VCD! Isn't it great?!
After the party, my classmates and me went straight to Sta. Lucia...Also, I attended my former classmates' battle of the bands. One is a drummer, while the other is a vocalist. The former's band won the first prize but me and and my friends hadn't witnessed the awardings because we are in haste to go home.... Anyways, yesterday also was Die's birthday! Happy Birthday Die!

I also want to greet my friend Chinny! Happy 15th birthday!

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