Monday, December 27, 2004


Me, together with my friends: Jenny, Jonathan, Mary Joy and with my sisters: Dindi and Alexis went to Sta. Lucia yesterday. It was our first time to get out of our subdivision and wander around the mall. You may think we're corny but it was really an experience. Anyways, it was so much fun but after hours of wandering about, we all got pissed because of our hunger, our aching feet and because we (Mary and me) still couldn't get any to buy! Argggh! I was hoping to buy a Questor Magazine, but there's none. So, I decided to buy with my friends a weird purple wand-like thing from Blue Magic. I also bought two cookies--one for eating at the jeepney and the other for 'pasalubong'. But besides, it wasn't that bad. I was glad to go to the mall with my bestfriends!
But when we all got home (my friends stayed over for a few minutes before they all got home) we were appalled by the news that thousands of people died because of the earthquake and the tsunami. Then, it dawned on me that, while we're enjoying at the mall, somewhere out there, lots of people are suffering. That many people died....
It's a miracle that the Philippines was exempted from the said tragedy. I really thank the Lord for saving our country.
Anyways, while I was web browing about Glay, I saw a cute picture of Hishashi--my favorite Glay member: here.
So kawaii! *sighs*

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