Friday, December 17, 2004

Thank goodness!

I'm currently editing and arranging my lay-out and thank goodness, it looks alright now.
I'm so excited on Monday cuz, it's our Christmas Party! Can't wait! I hope the one who picked my name would give me a Dir en Grey Macabre VCD as a present.... Anyways, I still don't know how to attach a tagboard on my site, and I'm having a difficulty finding a good site for a free tagboard.
Results from the quizzes I took:

I'm jealous!

What random Dir en Grey thing or happening are you?
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Hehehe. So lucky, am I? *lol*

You are...Mitsu to Tsuba
You are Mitsu to Tsuba!
Everyone's so perfect looking...mmm....

What Dir en grey PV Are You?
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Mmmm... Very interesting!

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