Thursday, December 16, 2004

New blog!

Another new blog for me! Yeeheey! My classmate told me that this is agreat site for online journals, so I registered and joined in!
Anyways, an hour ago, I was at my classmate's house for my drum session. I have learned five basic drum rolls and some drum parts from the ending song of Flame of Recca. I don't know why but, I'm so obsessed at playing drums. Anyways, I'm now relieved because, we don't have loads of assignments today, no projects and our school Christmas vacation is edging near! Woohoo! Also, at our Chemistry class, moments ago, I'm one of the students who won in our SYMBO game. It's like BINGO game, but instead of numbers, we used the names of the elements. For the prize, I gained 2 imported chocolates! Hehehe ^_^
Hey! On the 20th of December is Die's 30th birthday! He's the guitarist of the Jrock band Dir en Grey. Also on the same date, is our Christmas party! *whistles*

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